Project Description

D'valieze Interior started in 2001 by a creative designer named Eta Djongroaminoto. Eta Djongroaminoto was born on 4th of January 1973 in Belinyu (South Sumatera), Indonesia.

She had her elementary, junior high and high school in Indonesia and took her Bachelor of Art Degree majoring Interior design in Fresno State University, California, USA in 1995.

During her undergraduate study, she worked as an assistant Interior Designer in BERG’S Furniture at Blackstone Street, Fresno for 2 years.

After she graduated from California State of Fresno, she practiced her expertise in PT. Forumindo Ekalaras (Forum Design) at Gedung ASPAC, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2000, She and her friends opened a furniture boutique at Kelapa Gading by the name of “ Il Palazzo” at Boulevard Gading Barat.

Finally to follow her passion for design, she started her own company “D’valieze Interior” in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her experiences encompass a wide range of Residential, Commercial and Institutional projects. Through collaboration that combine the spirit of each client with the essence of their spaces and creates uniquely distinct experiences.


Project Details