Project Description

The Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (MedArbId) is a not-for-profit member-based Indonesian Centre aiming to the promotion and growth of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). MedArbId is devoted to encouraging the use of ADR mechanisms by increasing awareness and developing the ADR vocation across the archipelago and its neighbors through affordable and accessible education and training.

MedArbId positions itself as a forum for members and other interested parties for congregating local and international practices, building capacity by coaching and mentoring  fellow ADR practitioners and aspirants. It further aims to  foster the communication and cooperation between arbitration and mediation practitioners, judicial institutions, business communities, regulators, and other stakeholders on matters affecting their various interests, providing opportunities for all stakeholders of the economy in resolving disputes and helping holistic growth of the economy – with a special focus on Indonesia and other emerging Asian and Pacific economies.

In a Country and in a sector in which trainings are not often affordable and easily available,  and therefore the lack of proper education in the field is affecting the growth and the opportunities of many young professionals, MedArbId aims to provide affordable education and training for ADR practitioners and advocates in Indonesia.


Project Details