Corporate A

- Corporate A – Professional and design Here are the words that describe best this template. Corporate A goes far beyond a usual template as it is more a turnkey website with 6 HTML webpages (ready to use) and tremendous features like dynamic CSS menu with tabs, contact form with email sending (with PHP), Lightbox layer effect for image displaying, photo gallery with (using Jquery framework) … And last but not least a special logo designed for you. Photoshop file and (french) online tutorial for customization.

No need to be a geek or a skilled webdevelopper to customize this template.

Your website deserves the best. Design it with Corporate A to give it an intuitive, up-to-date and professional look !

General aspects :

  • Turnkey Website (6 ready to use webpages)
  • 100% valid CSS leverages easy customization
  • Pure text horizontal and vertical menus: no need of retouching images
  • Javascript Image Gallery (with “layer style display”)
  • Ready to use blocks: news, articles, Google search engine on so on…
  • Ready to Use Contact Form (Javascript + PHP script)
  • Ready to Use Research box (Google)

Design :

  • Photoshop files included for an easier customization
  • Menu tabs get highlighted when the mouse moves over it. Each page has got its tab for a better UI.

Additional Benefits :

On you can get assistance (in french at the moment). We also provide our visitors with news, tutorials, etc.

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Total Rp. 2.400.000,-

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Total Rp. 4.200.000,- Hemat Rp. 600.000,-

Gratis Domain Gratis Template

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Total Rp. 7.200.000,- Hemat Rp. 1.200.000,-

Gratis Domain Gratis Template